Our philosophy at Palo Alto Commons in Palo Alto, California

Our philosophy

While aging is a reality, WellQuest believes in cultivating an ageless mindset. We are passionate about our mission to help our residents continue to live life to the fullest. WellQuest offers vibrant communities where we create meaningful and memorable experiences. We offer unparalleled care by providing best-in-class amenities and living options.

We focus on the individual needs of each of our residents, so they can have the autonomy and freedom they desire along with the help and care they might need. This is our zealous Quest, to make sure our residents truly live life Well.

Happy couple in the community garden at Palo Alto Commons in Palo Alto, California

Philosophy (M.A.P.S.)

  • Meaningful - It’s important that there is a reason behind the rhyme! Constructing experiences and activities that have purpose and meaning is important. We believe that our residents can continue to live life to the fullest and continue to find great joy and meaning in life.
  • Active - While aging is inevitable, it’s our intent to help create an age-defying mentality among our residents and employees alike. It’s our zealous quest to help our residents stay active and fit, at a pace they are comfortable with and in a way that is unique to them. Staying active is something everyone should have the opportunity to do irrespective of their age and abilities.
  • Personalized - We choose to focus on the residents as individuals. Person-centered care considers the whole person, taking into account each individual’s unique qualities, abilities, interests, preferences, and needs.
  • Safe - The best of both worlds is knowing you have the autonomy and freedom to live life on your terms with the help and care you might need in the future at your finger-tips. Our communities and programs are designed to provide a secure, comfortable, and safe environment where our residents can continue to thrive and live life on their terms.

Guiding Principles

  • Empowered Employees
  • Accountability
  • Consistency
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • Fun
  • Ownership
  • Responsive
  • Proactive
  • Decisive
  • “Legacy Service”
  • Servant Leadership
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • “Building Value to Last”
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Being Present
Happy resident couple and their granddaughter enjoying a day at the beach near Palo Alto Commons in Palo Alto, California